Heat Stress Awareness

Many jobs require work in hot environments, both indoors & outdoors. Working in the heat & doing heavy physical work can affect the body’s cooling system. If the body gains heat faster than it can cool itself, the body’s temperature rises & heat stress occurs. This introductory program has been designed to assist both employers & employees to meet their responsibilities under the regulations & to decrease the risk of heat stress at work.

Course Content:

• Definition of heat stress & how it occurs
• Personal risk factors that increase the risk of heat stress
• How to recognize & care for heat disorder
• Preventing heat stress through engineering & administrative controls & the use
of personal protective equipment

Course Length:

This is a 3 hour program.


There is no previous training required for this course.


Participation certificate will be given at end of the course.

Course Fee:

Please call for course fee. There are no public courses scheduled at this time.
Please contact ProSafe at 604-585-7233 if you would like to book a group
training course.