FoodSafe Level 1

This course aims to train individuals working in the food industry to safely and responsibly handle food. This course is also available in Punjabi.

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FoodSafe Level 1: A Must for Those in the Food Industry

The FoodSafe Level 1 course is specifically designed for those employed in the food services industry. This includes workers such as cooks, wait staff, bussers and dishwashers as well as deli and cafeteria workers. The course teaches proper safe food handling, sanitation and safety.

In this course, students will learn important information about food safety including how to protect against foodborne illness, safe food storage, preparation and serving as well as cleaning and sanitation.

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Why Take FoodSafe Level 1?

According to the BC Health Act, certification in FoodSafe Level 1 is required for all food service establishments. By law, every operator must be certified and a minimum of one employee on every shift must be certified.

Of course, it is to your business’ advantage to have as many employees as possible trained in this food safety course. The better your employees understand the safe handling of food, the more sanitary their practices will be, and the less risk you have of a customer becoming ill as a result of dining at your establishment.

In a world where more and more customers are checking online reviews before they visit a restaurant for the first time, the last thing that you want for your business are online reviews of people who complained of feeling ill or who question the food handling practices of your employees.

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At the end of the session, students will be required to write and pass a multiple choice exam before receiving certification. A minimum of 70% is necessary to pass this exam. The certificate is valid for 5 years.

Why Choose ProSafe?

ProSafe offers a comfortable learning environment and a flexible schedule for students to take their FoodSafe Level 1 course. For businesses who wish to certify eight or more employees, we can even come to your business to teach the course.

Each of our instructors is a highly trained professional who is committed to helping you and your employees learn what they need to know to successfully complete the course and receive their certification.

If you are looking to get either yourself or your employees trained in safe food storing, handling, preparation and serving, then call us today to register for your course.

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