First Aid Instructor (Transfer - Water Safety)

Course Information:


The First Aid Instructor Transfer Course – Option 2 is a Canadian Red Cross course that allows candidates who are certified Teachers or Red Cross Water Safety Instructors to fast track their certification.  Candidates will take the knowledge learned through previous teaching courses and apply that to the Red Cross First Aid program. 


Certified Instructors will be able to teach Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, Marine Basic First Aid, Emergency Child Care First Aid, Standard Child Care First Aid and CPR courses.


Candidates will be required to complete the following steps (all included in the courses):


Step 1 – Skills Evaluation and Pre-Requisite Verification


Step 2 – Fundamentals of Instruction


A – Fundamentals of Instruction ONLINE Component

(Approximately 8-10 hours of self learning)


B – Fundamentals of Instruction CLASSROOM Component (NOT REQUIRED)


Step 3 – Discipline Specific CLASSROOM Component


Step 4 – Teaching Experience


A – Teaching Experience ONLINE Component

(Approximately 1 hour of self learning)


B – Teaching Experience IN CLASS Component (Varies by candidate – Max of 3 Attempts)


Step 5 – Certification

Course Length:

Classroom Components – 20 hours

Self Directed Learning – Approximately 10 hours

Teaching Experience – Varies

  • A current Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid Certification
  • A teaching certification (elementary or secondary level) through a recognized institution OR a Current Water Safety Instructor Certification
  • Be at least18 Years of Age


Certification is valid for 3 years

Course Content:

Course Fee is $750 + GST

Course Dates